Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The long hard road......

Seems that I have become infected with the cold that wont quit. It feels like someone has taken a bat and proceeded to beat me with it. You know the feeling in your ears when on an airplane, where sounds are muffeled and they are painfullly cloged, thats me for the last two days. I have been sick so long now that I have been reduced to trying anything. If someone suggests putting a damp cloth over my head and inhaling the steam from boiling garlic water I will do it. When someone suggests a hot shower 3 times a day I will try it. If someone said that I must get out a weji board and ask it questions, off to the store I go. Drink Miso soup, lemon water, tea of varying concoctions, I am on it. In addition I have been trying to sleep, which is hard to do when you are coughing up dime size balls of phlem, and your nose is about as open as a painted shut window. I have been playing the occasional video game. I ordered a bunch of DVDs from amazon, must haves. Breaking Away, American Flyers and Quicksilver.
I am still heading to the Puff, in hopes that I will be able to ride, but we certainly will see. I already have the time off from work and I would like to see some friends as well, even if the race is not as productive as I would like. Who knows I may not even start. This is the cold hard reality of what I am up against right now. I can not get back in the saddle until my body says it is ok.
I have also been reading one of my favorite authors Chuck Palahniuk. Author of Fight Club, the most recent book I have read is Stranger Than Fiction. I wish I could write even half as well, he is so amazing. Check out his website at . Thats all for now. I so wish that I were out riding and enjoying the weather that we are having, finally. However today it is raining and the other night on the way home over Mt Rose we had to drive in a snow storm, so winter just wont take its ugly claws out of us. Hopefully soon I will rise from this horrible condition to be whole yet again, until then I will be reading, sleeping and working.

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