Friday, June 17, 2005

Great divide has begun...

Looks like Mat Lee wants to make it a little longer in the upcoming years. He started in Banff a couple of days prior. Looks like there will be a blog about the race this year. Keep yourself informed at . Me well I did not ride today, but I did get in almost an hour yesterday in the pounding, howling screeching wind. I am feeling marginally better, just trying to keep it fun.
Here in Reno the Deux is putting on a road stage race in conjunciton with the Tour de Nez, the annually circut race, damn I cant spell. they have an alleycat messenger race tonight, too bad I am chained to the restaurant.
I am still considering the Puff but am rather intimidated as my body and mind are at odds with one another. I may just go and hang out then spend some quality time with the girlfriend. I hope that I am still ready for the Trans Rockies. I want to do that race more than anything, I just have to be in the right place. I have faith that I will come around and get to have the once in a lifetime experience of riding that race. Not much else to say right now. I must shower and be off to work. alas, good times.

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