Monday, March 07, 2011

I might have been napping, but we all wake up from those sooner or later.

You all thought I was dead!!!! Like my friend Brian pictured here after my birthday ride, the Taint Tuff. He was just nappin....I can assure you I haven't been napping just got my head so deep in other projects and work that I can't or didn't make time to entertain or rant or just post. Taint Tuff aint no joke, and I'm back from the has left me questioning lots of things. I stopped writing cause I just wondered if it mattered were you listening? Well I have since decided that you are, but more than that I just feel the need to document. We are currently starting a project about our cross team.
That there is our logo...coming to a cross race or an event near you...we are a single speed team only, which brings me to another photo that I just love, again taken after my b day ride last year...where most of us rode single speeds, but the sentiment rings true...
Great, just Great isn't it. Sometimes I found myself getting all high and mighty about the fact that I rode a single speed, "Up there in them hills, that's just stupid, crazy, you must do a lot of walking" Well I like bikes and in fact single speeds just make for a fun time, but at the end of the day riding in the woods no matter what is between your legs geared or not is the only thing that matters. That was a big old run on sentence, remember when I used to talk about that as well my lack of ability to put the thoughts to the page, well I don't give a hoot about that either keep reading, it the content that matters, not that I have much of that right now either...but keep reading. Any ways, last year I helped put on a little race up here in SEattle, SSCXWC, its in SF this year, I hope they are ready for us. If you have not raced cross yet, you should....If you haven't been to the party that happens to have a race somewhere in it, thats SSCXWC, you should put it on your calender. Well that's all for now...I've got a bottle of Whiskey just calling to me and some much needed time on the couch. I won't make promises to post more or any of that, Ill just do it or I won't and that is really what matters at the end of the day what you do or don't do.

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might have to make a trip =)