Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Crosstoberfest 2007

Ragnorok Racing and Second Ascent put on an annual Cross race in October. There is a relay race where cross dressing is encouraged. In the week leading up to the race I could find no one willing to commit to a costume, so I bagged the idea. I should have brought a costume as I found many people willing on race day. Oh well live and learn.

So the racing action. First I would just like to say it was an awesome course. Reverse of last year, so I constantly felt I was going the wrong way. I am sure I was not alone.
Here we are lined up and ready to go. There was a first lap prime, for a pair of sunglasses.
awaiting the start
I wanted to be the guy on the fixie who won the prime and would have been if I had just been a bit more patient. There was a turn from grass to wet pavement which I took a bit to sharp and ended up on the ground because of. Now I had to chase.
Here we are just after the start.
the start
Here I am about to pass Ben, he won the week before, two laps in and I am charging.
Ben, about to be passed
It wouldn't be cross without barriers. These were right next to the beer garden and lots of hand ups of beer and heckling went on here.
Craig runs the barriers
more barriers.
Up hill barrier
This was such a fun race and I felt good even with the 3:45 am bed time after working all night. Craig ended up with the win, the top 5 single speeders beat the 1st placed 3, not to bad for a bunch of one geared freaks. This year the single speed class here in Seattle has doubled averaging between 20 and 30 riders each week.
Here is the top 3 chatting after the race.
I look so happy with my grumpy man face on. Wonder what i was saying at that moment, probably something about how great my legs feel.
No race would be complete without a recovery drink.
recovery drink
New Belgium Brewing sponsors the event, and I always look forward to each year.

In other cross news. I mentioned it before and will mention it again. My friends down in Portland are hosting the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships over the weekend of November 9th and 10th, looks to be a blast. For more info, go here. I look forward to seeing you there.

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beerme said...

Nice. Glad you gave the Hamm's a go. It's national canned beer month after all.