Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bridesmaid again...

Another cross race another 2nd place. This past weekend at Kelly Creek was bumpy, fast and quite a workout, it had been raining all week and the horse field was soaked. I found that the worn in line was not always the fastest line and found myself experimenting on more than one occasion with riding in the grass. Most of the time it was to my benefit. I often wonder if I would be faster if I could coast or not. It seems the answer would be easy, yes. I am not completely convinced. I am definitely more fit, more in tune and more healthy than last year, I feel more connected to my cross bike than ever before, and I am having fun. I just want to pull out one win, at least. I want to dispel the myth that fixed gears are not functional. I'll be honest I just want to win one. I had a great battle for 2nd with my friend Ben Smith, we went back and forth, and back and forth, until I was finally able to shed him. I shed him, but then Mike R. was on a tear and almost caught me, but I was able to hold him off and keep second place. I have already missed one series race.
The series is 9 races long your best 7 finishes count at the end of the series. Having missed one and planning on missing another 2, these two are on the same weekend as the sscxwc down in Portland and I must be there. It is more important to me. I fear because of this clash, I will finish out of the awards simply because others will show up when I don't. Even if I beat them all season. Does it really matter no. But it sure would be nice to stand on the podium at the end of the season knowing I wasn't coasting when all the others were. In the end I think the world championships will be more fun and I want to be part of that event, the first one of its kind. There I have talked enough shit and it is time to nurse my aching body, I feel as though I am coming down with some sort of cold, flu thing. Just when the weather is perfect for riding, sunny and warm I go down for the count. I will fight through it all. As always keep pedaling.

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