Monday, September 25, 2006

hard dirves go pop....

It seems to be a theme that I have with this blog. I have plans to post, to add photos, to have great things to say way more often than I get to. This time I have real reasons. Hard dirves go boom. I am using someone elses computer to get this up and running. So other than hard drives blowing up causing me to lose all kinds of info and music. I am more worried about the music than anything else at this point. So the monster cross is built and has been ridden around a bit. Lets just say that it is an awsome looking bike, handles great, a little toe overlap, all in all an amazing ride. that is the short story. more later. I have opened my big mouth and said that i will race cross on the thing. what could be better than trying one thing that you have never done, ride off road fixed, than to combine it with yet another thing that you have never done, race cross. I am thinking my shins might get a work out, ie eggbeaters to the shin. Run ups and dismounts, that and the one thing that has sufferd the most in this illness is my desire to ride at full out put. Any ways I am looking forward and this weekend and my first cross race. I have some big old mutanoraptors on it, thinking I need to get some real corss tires on it for this weekend. again pictures will be here soon. so all this talk about cross, sounds like I know what i am talking about, but I really am just looking forward to having fun.

In other news I got some good riding in this weekend with my good friend Mark Mcdaniels. He and his wife amanda are two of my favorite people. Without them our, danielles and my, trip to Reno and Lake tahoe would not have been so easy and flawless. While I live there Mark and I didnt get to ride that much, we had a great ride on Thursday. Friday and Saturday where wedding related. Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Crawford. You guys rock. Best wishes. It was good to see old friends. We had a blast.

I love the above shirt. The premire of Mashsf is this weekend is at the Bicycle Film Festival in San Fran. Wish I was going. Check out Swobo's website for all the organic goods.

Twin Six has the new goods out. I really like the socks.

I am looking to be able to draw on the wonderful diatibe that I have while riding, where the words flow, where it all flows, where I can actually write and focus, which I can not do right now so I am signing off. More real soon, hopefully more semantic than right now. thanks and as always keep pedaing.


Anonymous said...

No worries big dog. Cross is all about the pain, suffering and mass lunacy of Sunday's most entertaining sporting event. I have raced for a few years and while I may not be great at it, I have fun. Besides, I have known 3 people who race fixie offroad.

Gonterian said...

"My other skateboard is a fix"

That rules.


Brandon said...

Hey Nat,

I used a 43x19 fixed for local Seattle cross. Are you going to be at the race on Sunday? I would love to see that monster crosser you've been building!!! And yes endurance race...