Monday, February 14, 2011

"I just deleted your blog from my bookmarks" Kevin Noble

Those words hit me like a stone thrown at close range. I knew that I was behind on this little thing, but didn't realize it had been almost a year since I had posted. Sometimes these blogs feel like bragging, like look at me, look at how cool I am, like I didn't get enough attention as a kid so I am going to sit and write about my experiences...on the flip side I am having lots of fun and want family and friends to have a window in to my life. Most of my family lives 3,000 miles from here in Vermont. I don't envy them, cold and snowy no longer seem familiar, now it can be 50 and sunny one day I can go ride my mtb year round, all I gotta be ok with is getting wet more often than not. So Kevin thanks for the kick in the ass. Put this sucker back on your bookmarks....If your lucky your pic will be posted her for all to look at. Kevin is after all one of my favorite people to ride with, that and he keeps my bikes running, I certainly am no mechanic. Ill now take this time to tell you a little about Kevin and then in the upcoming days get you up to speed on what life has been, and what I am trying to do in the not so distant future. I will no longer apologize for Rambling or not making sense....this is like my journal so, it will jump around like my mind does on a daily it or not it is what it
Where was I Kevin Noble, one of my favorite people. Why you ask? Cause he is...thats all I have to say. He just is plain and to ride with, fun to drink with and an all around nice guy. Kevin and I met years ago at the Cascade Cream Puff, I think it was 2004, I remember thinking "who the hell is this Kona rider in the Drunk Cyclist jersey that I just can't shake." Years later after moving here to Seattle about to start a ride in the Whatcom Falls parking lot he rolled up, we looked at each other with one of those why do I know you looks...."Kevin fuckin Noble" I muttered, stuck out my hand and said "Nat Pellman, Cascade Cream Puff..." "Oh, your the asshole with the Tattoos on the Cannondale that I could catch...i just kept thinking who the fuck is this guy." Well now you know, and we have been riding partners for the last 5 years at least twice a month, if not every Sunday. He showed me all the hidden gems on Galbraith, the Chuckanuts, became my trusted mechanic. Life here in Seattle would not be the same had I not happened in to him in the parking lot a few year back. Thank you Kevin for once again kicking me in to gear.

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Keith Leavitt said...

Bookmarks?!?! I'm so loyal, I type that long-ass URL in each time. Seriously though, update this thing!