Monday, June 29, 2009

Where I find myself...

Living in a larger metropolitan area...Seattle, its the not biggest big city...its great in a lot of ways, but I have begun to think as it is about the bigger picture to plan for the future. I fear I am getting older, time is running out and I at least need to be in a place where mtbing is close at out my back door or at least a very short unobstructed drive away. To quote my intro I find myself wondering and dreaming of riding off in to the sunset unobstructed by the confines of work and all those responsibilities that get in the way....I find myself wanting a change....wondering what else I could be doing....wanting a bit more flexibilty but being confronted by the monetary challenges...I have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to celebrate I just find that a lot of the time I feel like the constraints of this life have me wondering what if....
I find myself wanting to be closer to nature, whlile still maintaining some of the city benefits...I find myself wondering all to often......just wondering.....what if?


Keith Leavitt said...

I recommend New on acreage is the shiz-nit!

worldcarfree said...


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Maryam said...

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sasquatch2 said...

so, if an east coast urbanite (like me) were to be visiting Seattle for vacation starting 8/19 (I am) and was going to be needing to ride outside the city (I will) where would you recommend on the olympic peninsula and do you know where I can rent/borrow (not steal) bikes for me and my son?


mutant said...

Try Park City, UT. pretty much mountain biking out your backdoor and Salt Lake City 20 minutes away.