Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It is all still a blur...part one

Hot Cross Buns!!!!

It is Wednesday and I am just now able to wrap my mind around what happened this weekend. Portland sure does know how to throw a party. My good friends Dani Dance and Matthew Slaven along with the Single Speed Collective were the masterminds behind this one. It is one of my favorite events and it is only in its second year. I strongly urge all you Midwest and East Coast singlespeeders to put this on your calender, you don't know what you are missing. So many people travel to the SSWC I urge those same people to make the trip to this event. It has been in Portland the last two years and will most likely be there again next year, after all Portland is Bike City USA....and for good reason. A normal Cross Crusade draws 120 single speeders, and over a thousand cross racers.
Saturday we were greated with a downpour, we rode to Chris King to register and await the announcement of where the time trial would be heald. Most people waited paitently others sipped adult beverages to pass the time. Soon we found out the event would be in the foothills a short 30 min ride away...more rain...more standing and finally it was time to race. What better way to seat a bunch of cross racers than essentially a short mountain bike loop. Our friend Brant handed out tequilla to the lucky at the top, I stole Slaven's, thats what he gets for catching me at the wrong time. The leaf infested single track descent was hair raising to say the least, especially on a fixed gear. That done we chated and then to get out of the rain we headed back to town, for lunch and some beers. It was great asking everyone how it went because no one knew there time, so it went great for everyone right... that is all I got for now, tommarrow or a bit later I will post more about the actual day of but the highlights were:
a bubble machine, a windmill, mud, short shorts, handups, general chaos.
our friend dave took a few photos...
cx magazine you have to scroll down
pdx cross..
my friend and inspiration over at Raleigh Commutes.....
ill have more next time and more to report about said happenings the next day...I am still trying to process it all. thanks and as always keep pedaling...


BF kemyooter said...

Couldn't have pulled any of that off without ya. And just what is it with you and your inability to keep your pants on at these 'events' anyway?!

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