Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I passed the test....

Test of Metal that is. I even bought the glass proclaiming so before the race, and joked that if I DNF'd I'd have to smash the glass on the ground. There you have it, the long and the short of it, now the details will be quick as I am a busy man and can't be chained to this monitor and keyboard any longer than necessary.
We rolled out mid afternoon on Friday, I unexpectadly a bit hungover. I was worried that the legs as they have not been the most cooperative would revolt when put to the test... We got through the border easily, then sat in traffic all the way to Squamish. Arrived checked in to the hotel and headed off to registration. Spun in to a brutal head wind, wondering if I had the right gear on my bike. Then Brett and I began to preride the course, with no helmets or cycling gear on. The first bit it a very flat road spin out. I had visions of being off the back sooner than later the next day as my 34x22 gearing had me bouncing up and down in my saddle. Dinner, a couple of beers and then off to sleep it was, or at least that was the plan. The drunks in the bar next to the hotel had a different plan and we were treated to yelling and stupid parking lot antics until the early morning hours.

Saturday, the race....
We wake up, after 4 or 5 hours of sleep not wanting to move. Go to breakfast were there are 50 cyclists and one waitress, eat some ok food and head down to the race venue. Get there and wait and wait. load our bikes into the shoot and wait. Finally we are underway. I am spinning my little, or not so little, ass off down the road in a huge pack of cyclists. Finally we hit a bit of climbing and I can gain some ground. More spinning, followed by more ground be gained. A pack of us single geared folks settled in to a group of five or so alternating as we made or way up and out the first loop of the course. Some really fun single track, lots of cheering, the whole town comes out for this one. On to the big climb of the day we are still together, then one gets away, then another, then two start to walk. I am in no mans land suffering up this climb. I get passed by the geared folks and finally reach the top of the climb having gained some ground. Then the Powerline Plunge, some technical riding at its finest, bridges, rocks, roots you get the picture. Then out and more climbing. I am feeling good wondering how I am doing.....keep pedaling and finally cross the finish line after a whole lot more spinning. 3:17:02 reads on the clock. Not bad I think. Turns out I was the 2nd unofficial sser, 7th in my expert 30 to 34 age group. My legs didn't fail me. More about the weekend in a bit....life is happening......keep pedaling.

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