Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Donida Farms CX race

cornering again

I had the first Saturday off in awhile, not that I got to bed much earlier than normal. Woke up and got ready and then realized I could have slept in, good old daylight savings time. Instead we walked the dogs around the block and woke up slowly.
my dogs

On the drive out the rain started to fall, Danielle joked about turning around and heading home. "Come on we live in Seattle after all," as we got closer to the race site we passed lots and lots of abandoned fireworks stands, I imagine at a certain time of year they are all the rage. Enough about that. I still had the funk and while warming up didn't feel that I had the power needed for this course. We had the largest SS class at a Seattle Cross race this season, and it was not the day to have a bad race. They line us up at the start according to overall points in the series, having missed one race, even though I have done well at the other 3 still landed me on the second line, behind 8 others. Not exactly where I wanted to be. I got a bad start, when riding old shoes and old crankbrother's cleats on a fixed gear having trouble getting in is not what you want off the start. I think I was in 8th or 10th or something going in to the first corner. The course wasn't the easiest to pass on, I worked my way up to 6th i think by about half way through the first lap. Not wanting to get split up from the front I pinned it and as we neared the end of the 1st lap I was sitting pretty in 2nd. I was able to keep Jared, Yeti guy as I have called him until now, in sites for 3 laps before he was able to as the announcer put it stamp his Alaska airlines ticket on the way out. It went on like this and by the end of the day due to a mechanical by Galen I was able to get another 2nd place. 1st loser some would say, some would say don't come home if you don't win, I on the other hand like to be happy with how I did. Fixed and all. I have worked my way up to 5th overall in the series on only 4 races. I will be in Portland this weekend and miss the double header and be back in the pack once again. Portland will be so much fun and is more important to me. After all I got the beer for them.

I get asked a lot if I think that I would be faster if I could coast. I really don't know maybe, maybe about the same. I tell you if I laid off the beer a bit I could probably lose a bit of the gut.
check ou that gut
That would make me faster. That said I am there to have fun and fun was had. Why do I always feel like I am going to puke after these races?
I don't want to puke

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