Tuesday, July 31, 2007

the silence is broken...

I haven't posted in awhile, I haven't taken very many pics of the great places I have been riding my bike, and now I have broken that silence. Last weekend consisted of a nice ride at Tiger Mt on Friday, followed by a night of work. Saturday it was up and adam packing the car and heading out towards Cyrstal Mountain and the 410 highway for some epic riding. It took longer to get there than I would have liked and we forgot out camp rests think no padding for a relaxing nights sleep. I final got riding around 3pm and it was great. I headed out for a loop on the Sun Top trail, and long fire road climb followed by a steep single track grunt and then some amazingly fast descending. There was a 50 mile running race happening on these trails and our late start worked out perfect as I was climbing the fire road up to the top I got to cheer on the runners as the came down. It was amazing how many of them cheered me on as well, they were the ones doing the real hard work, running 50 miles on technical trial doesn't seem like fun at all to me. It was a nice change of pace to be cheering others along on their journey in what the human body, mind, soul, spirit is capable of. The weather started to change from sunny to overcast to misty as I reached the top and it got colder my wool jersey started to frost up. A few hike a bikes later I was blasting down the trail. It has been a wet summer here and the trials were in perfect condition, lots of traction. That night we sat around the camp fire and laughed it up. I ended with a total of 4000 ft of climbing in just about 20 miles.
In our packing we forgot some key items and ended up having to make due. We cooked by wrapping our food in tinfoil and throwing it in the fire, some things burned as we were trying to deal with a broken tent. It all worked out for the best and we kicked back had a few beers and watched the fire.
Sunday we woke up early and headed out for another epic, the previous nights sleep without a camp rest left me a bit sore to begin with. The ride called for more climbing followed by an epic descent. It was the Noble Knob trial to the Palisades trail. More of the same. This trial follows a band of cliffs, periodically you are traveling along the top, with spectacular views, that need to be enjoyed off the bike. As soon as the ride finished the rain came in. We stopped for a beer and a burger and then headed home. Man did the bed feel great on Sunday night.

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