Wednesday, February 28, 2007

life little jokes

I am growing facial hair for the first time in 32 years. Right now i have some fuzz on my upper lip. I am hoping that it turns in to a great 'stash so I can finally give out some free rides of the moustache variety. haha. I however can not grow side burns oh how I wish I could. On the upside of things I dont have to deal with things like back and chest hair, yes I am a hairless wonder. thanks to my great gene pool. Well enough about me. I hope at least one person gets my sarcasm in the above sentence. who ever you are thanks.

I rode a bunch last week, skipped a race, it would have taken to much energy for the reward of getting there, plus I had no ride, and it was a ferry ride away. all together a good call as it hailed and sleeted and I heard it was cold as all get out. If i was to miss a race it seems that that one was the one to miss, plus it is an xc race not and endurance race, hence not worth as much to me as just a great ride. I however will be racing a few of the shorter length races to gauge fitness and just to have fun. Gotta get back in shape somehow.

I am doing some more exploring on the mtn bike, just trying to find all the good places to ride, and this weekend it is off to Bellingham for sampling of some great trials. hope to have some new people to ride with the old as well,as the circle of friends grows.

It is amazing how long it takes to get a community of riders around you, time in is time out, just like time on the bike makes you better, speaking of that I gotta go put in some miles before work today, after I run a bunch of errands.

New tires are on the way, soon, I am in the process of deciding just which tires I want to run, thinking of the Rampage, or the new WTB tire. I'll let you know when I know.

thanks all and as always keep pealing. I will leave you with this, I pulled in off of the Fearless Gearless site, it has been submitted to the Bicycle Film Fest. I like it. Great song to go with it. Tell me what you think.


Cellarrat said...

Facial Hair makes you faster do it....!

At least the boys at Outcast sayso ;)

Tomi said...

I think that I'm really happy to not have to deal with that kind of traffic.....